Kelsey C.   Madison, WI


EZ Sun is a high quality spray tan establishment. The owner, Liz, uses Infinity Sun, which is a high quality spray tan incorporating a focus on healthy skincare. I was looking for a spray tan to avoid the use of a tanning bed. What makes things more complicated for me is that I am also gluten free so I had to make sure the spray tan products did not contain gluten. After discussing this with Liz, she took the time to double check with her supplier and ensure all of the products she would be using on me during our appointment were safe. I was so appreciative of this because it allowed me to go into the appointment with a calmer mind.


At the appointment Liz greeted me with friendly service and took the time to explain each step of the process and the products associated with each step. While applying the tan she always stops at check points to have you examine how it looks to ensure you're fully satisfied. Ultimately, she wants you to look and feel phenomenal. For my appointment three steps were involved: a pH-neutralizing spray (to balance the skin), the spray tan, and a finishing spray to lock in the tan. She also provided me with a complimentary sample of the extender lotion to maximize the life of my spray tan. My skin felt silky smooth not only after the application, but also after using the extender lotion. The life of my tan only lasted a solid 7 days, but I chalk it up to how it was winter and my skin was dry, which is something that can affect how long the tan lasts.


In summary, after you combine a top quality product with Liz's wonderful customer service it's not difficult to want to highly recommend this establishment. I will be returning to Liz for all of my spray tan needs. Plus, it's even a product that is not only safe for gluten free individuals (also sensitive skin individuals), but it is also a product that strives for healthy skin.


Michaela P.    Madison, WI


Love my tan look, no harsh smells or mess.

Liz is the best!!


Dude D.   Cross Plains, WI

Great attention to detail the products are good and make you feel soft and smell great, i'm new to this so i'm hoping that it lasts pretty long into it for a week now and still looking good . want a good deal on a dark tan this is the place . Elizabeth is great she knows what she is doing, makes me feel like money well spent


Jeff O.   Madison, WI

Liz at EZ SUN did a fantastic job. It came out naturally brown and not orange at all. I will go back again and again.